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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is one of those books that I could visit time and time again. In fact, I’ve just finished my second round. When I first read the book, approximately a year ago, I was floored by the story. Now that I’ve finished it for a second time, I’m still floored, but with a light, floaty afterglow.

Why did I read the book so soon after reading it the first time? Two reasons: 1) I got through the first two books in the series last year, couldn’t find the third until November, so decided to start from the beginning, and 2) just around November, I discovered that the last book of the series (#8 I think) would be coming out in 2014, with Diana engaging in a book signing nearby, so I convinced a few friends to jump on the Outlander book wagon with me.

Outlander takes place first in the 1940s, just after World War II, when Claire and Frank set off on a second honeymoon. While visiting Scotland, Claire is introduced to the standing stones of Craigh na Dun. Fascinated by their history and other-worldy charms, the two secretly venture forth to watch a Beltane festival, conducted by the local “witches.” The trouble doesn’t start until Claire ventures forth alone and suddenly ends up in the 1740s. Nearly two hundred years in her past.

I could talk about Outlander all day, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I will say this: Although strange and mysterious, and rather outlandish (haha), events occur in the novels, Gabaldon has a way of making them all seem so believeable. There’s never a moment where you’re jolted out of the text to say something like, “Oh really? I bet not.” That’s what is so extraordinary about the writing. Even though you could never imagine all of the bad things that happen to Claire (and Jamie) occurring over the span of a lifetime, everything still seems believable.

Outlander is a science-fiction/fantasy, romance, mystery, historical fiction masterpiece.

In the words of the Ninth Doctor (Outlander is a time-travel novel) FANTASTIC.


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  1. I can’t believe Outlander will be finished this year! It is such an amazing series. I remember finishing An Echo In The Bone and cursing Gabaldon for one of the best/worst cliffhangers ever.

    Have you ever read the Lord John Grey spinoffs? They’re pretty good, I just usually go through Jamie and Claire withdrawal.

    Jesus H. Christ, I loved absolutely everything about this series. My favourite part will always be Claire helping Jamie through what Randall did to him.

    Oh, and Sassenach 😛

    • The series won’t end with MOBY. Diana has said there will be a book 9 as well as a prequel covering Jamie’s parents.

    • I plan to read the spinoffs, but haven’t quite yet. I was hoping to read everything in order (because that’s just the kind of reader I am), but I might just dip into one once I get to Voyager to speed the process along. It’s already March, and I’m only a third of the way through Dragonfly in Amber. There’s just too much stuff going on! I’m trying to make it through everything she’s written by June when I go to one of her book events.

      • The Lord John Grey books are interesting. Well, the one I read seemed to happen during the twenty years that Claire was back in her own time. I do like Lord John but with spinoffs I get frustrated when there aren’t characters I know and love walking around. It’s a really bad habit of mine.
        You’ll get through it all 🙂 The books, even though they are monsters, are really easy to read 🙂

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