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Keeper of Reign by Emma Right

Keeper of Reign by Emma Right is an interesting tale of mystery, adventure, and has ends with a mountain of a cliffhanger. The story centers on the Blaze children, mainly the eldest boy, Jules, who are Elfies – cursed to live at less than half their size.

Many generations ago, the King sat down to pen five books, using his own blood as ink. When he finished the task, he turned into a star and the books were handed down to his children. Flamethrower’s book was lost and the King’s crown smashed. It is up to the King’s descendants – the current and future Keepers – to reverse the curse and defeat the evil enemy, Gezhurolle, before he kills the Elfies one and all.

The Jules children, after being attacked by black birds and returning home to find it wrecked and their mother gone, embark on a journey from Reign to Handover in search of their lost family and the cure to the curse. Many unusual, and sometimes dodgy, characters are met along the way. Hooks, an old, unhappy fisherman who sets out with Jules to find his friend, Holden, is my favorite.

As Jules treks across Scorpent- and pit-infested land, he comes to find the truth about his family, who the traitor really is, and the answer to end the curse of the Elfies.

This is definitely a book I would recommend to any YA Fantasy reader. I enjoyed the story, but I wanted more from it. It left me with too much of a cliffhanger and the pacing was incredibly fast. In order to get all the information I wanted, I think this book could have been spread across two or three volumes. Keeper of Reign was a fun, light read.


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