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Opfer by Claire Powell

I’m not sure what to say about this book.  At first, it was a major disappointment.  The characters were flat, the dialogue was flat, the story line was interesting but not engaging.  I wandered, frequently, if the author had ever heard the clichéd saying, “Show, don’t tell.”

BUT, Opfer does have its redeeming qualities.  After the first part (about 100 pages), the characters became more round and a lot more realistic.  I would have liked to learn more about those characters because they were believable.  And luckily enough, Claire Powell does know how to show the reader the way.

Honestly, I think the first section of the book can be cut by a good 75 pages, or at least make Leba a rounder character than Bella Swan in Twilight.  Powell could also slow down the plot and use more sensory detail in her writing to engage readers.

The purpose of the book is also a little mysterious, at least to me.  By the end, I understood more, but I felt that the last few chapters were also rushed, as if the author had a deadline that she needed to meet.  In fact, my theory is that the first section was tacked on in the last stages of the writing/drafting/editing process.

There are a few spelling and grammar/mechanics issues in this copy, but for the most part, the last 200 or so pages are well written and manage to hit on some pretty big debate topics on Earth today, such as global warming and large-scale population increase.

Maybe the purpose of Opfer is to warn us of the future…but then what is the necessity of the Quallic race?

In short, Opfer includes some interesting concepts and an interesting world(s), but it’s not a page-turner and could do with another draft or two.


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